Ensure your prospects can quantify the value your offering provides

A bespoke Value Calculator transforms your proposition into quantitative benefits, compelling decision-makers to act.

  • Independently developed
  • Quantitatively complex
  • Intuitive & flexible
Why do I need a calculator?

A calculator is worth 1000 words

In 2023, buyers need a clear understanding of how your value proposition will help them early in the sales cycle.

They are reluctant to invest in your software or service without knowing the tangible benefits you can provide them, be it: revenue increase, cost savings, or ROI.

A Value Calculator will paint a persuasive picture, enabling interested buyers to get approval from other stakeholders.
Increased conversions
With a clear and quantifiable demonstration of the benefits, your prospects are more likely to convert.
Shorter sales cycle
When prospects understand the value early on, decision-making is faster & purposeful.
More leads
Deploying a value calculator on your website is a proven method to generate more leads.
Case studies

Our calculators in action

Our clients have seen significant benefits through our calculators.
Becky.works logo


Becky signs largest contract to date, €1.2 million, thanks to Quendrix calculator

Becky provides western companies with access to high quality accounting talent in Serbia. As they were scaling their operations, they needed a way to showcase their value to prospects.

Finverity logo


Finverity selects Quendrix to develop value calculator

Finverity is a cross-border supply chain finance platform for mid-market firms. After their recent equity funding round, they were seeking to incorporate a value calculator as part of their marketing campaign.

How does it work?

Building your Quendrix Calculator

Over 8 weeks, we will design, build, validate and implement a mathematical model that will represent the quantitative benefits that prospects get from your offering.
We work with your team to understand your offering in detail, and build the logic of the calculator out in a Driver Tree format.
We build out the mathematical model with regular check-ins with your team to review & refine it.
We run detailed interviews with customers of your firm to validate the model, as well as extensive scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis and stress testing.
We finalize the calculator along with the development of the front-end interface.
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Why Quendrix?

We know Value Calculators.
It’s the only thing we do.

We have developed a strong expertise in creating value calculators for B2B software vendors and service providers.

We know how to structure these calculators to effectively showcase the benefits of your offering, helping you close more deals.
  • Experts in building clear, complex & persuasive calculators.
  • Capable of quantifying offerings that are traditionally seen as intangible.
  • Proven to deliver results.
About us

Fouad Elias

Quendrix was founded by Fouad Elias, who holds an MSc in Biomechanical Engineering from Imperial College London.

While at Imperial, Fouad was part of the Centre for Blast Injury Studies, where he developed visual mathematical models for the rehabilitation of lower leg amputees. 

After Imperial, Fouad worked at Verdantix, a research and consulting firm, where he worked on projects to design and develop value calculators for B2B software vendors within the industrial landscape. 

Fouad's experience in these projects gave him a deep understanding of the challenges that B2B businesses face in communicating their value to potential customers.

This led him to set up Quendrix, a company that specializes in developing value calculators to help B2B businesses demonstrate their value to potential customers.

Since its establishment, Quendrix has enabled numerous businesses to drive their sales growth through these tailored calculators.